Live Aquarium Plants

When you include live aquarium plants in your fish tank it creates a more natural environment for your fish which is beneficial in so many way.  Including plants is just as important as ensuring you have the right temperature or type of water for your fish.

Please keep reading to learn about the great benefits live aquarium plants provide.


Fish breathe oxygen just like we do, only, obviously, they do it in a much different way.  Oxygen enters the water in two primary ways.  One, through the air and as a result there is a good oxygen concentration near the surface; and two, via plants.  The oxygen entering from the surface is not sufficient and will not penetrate very far into your tank.  If you do not have live plants you will need an airstone and pump.  This is an additional cost and given all the other benefits inherent in live aquarium plants, having real plants is the obvious choice.  


You will always need a filter in your aquarium and you will have to remove debris manually but plants can help with filtration as well.  Fish create waste products which ends up harming the fish if not removed.  Plants are great to help with the removal of carbon and bacteria in the water.  If you do not have plants, you will need to make sure that in addition to a mechanical filter, you will also need one to filter for chemicals like carbon and bacteria.

Fish Health

Fish get stressed out and have an innate need to hide.  In their natural habitat, fish will often take to the weeds and other plants that offer refuge.  Some species of fish will prefer rocks or SpongeBob’s Pineapple so make sure to check with your pet specialist or check on line to learn more about the preferences of your fish.  Having live plants as a hideout will result in healthier fish that live longer.

Prevent Algae Build-Up

Guess what?  Algae and live plants absorb the same nutrients from the water, but live plants need more of it and absorb it faster thus winning the growth race.  If plants use up most of the nutrients, algae will not be able to form.  Keep in mind how much work this saves you now that you don’t need to constantly scrap algae from the inside of your tank!


Live plants look better.  This is the least ‘important’ benefit, but a benefit nonetheless.



Although the benefits outweigh the cons, there are a few things to keep in mind before running out to purchase some new live aquarium plants.  For example, lighting.  Plants need light in order to perform photosynthesis resulting in all those great benefits mentioned above.  Plants can also play host to unwanted parasites like snails and should be observed in a second container for a few days before being introduced to the tank.  Finally, live plants are, well … alive, and so they need to be cared for as well.  You will need to pay attention to them, prune them back, remove dead leaves, etc.

Overall, it seems clear that plants are a natural part of an aquatic environment and are a  much better option to plastic.  

Annie Rogers is a writer specializing in product reviews.  She is also a hobbyist and loves reviewing products she knows and loves.  Check out her latest site on Live Aquarium Plants which include pages on specifc aquarium plant concerns such as Low Light Aquarium Plants

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